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  • What We Can Do For You

    Compounding Concepts provides solutions to the many questions you have as a pharmacist when building a compounding program.


    Instead of adopting a trial-and-error approach like your competitors, get your program off the ground and thriving in a fraction of the time it takes them.


    Don't worry - we cover everything. By aiding you in product development, billing, auditing, and compliance, our tailor-made program streamlines your efforts and maximizes your profits.

    As an independent pharmacy, you have enough on your plate simply running your day-to-day operations.



    Let Compounding Concepts alleviate the hurdles that come from the logistics and regulations of developing a compounding program so you can keep doing what you do best - being a great pharmacy.

    Product Development

    Compounding Concepts is your secret advantage for designing, creating, and marketing new products and services for the benefit of your patients. We build product solutions for you to sell so that you always retain your customer’s loyalty.

    Our team specializes in developing systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting your new products to market. In addition to the products themselves, we provide the training and the tools to help your team deliver consistent, professionally-prepared medicines to your patients.


    With all the changes and requirements that prescription insurance companies have implemented, adjudicating compound medication has become increasingly difficult.

    As you know, this can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming for you and your staff, as you still need to function and go on with your daily workflow.

    Through hard work and dedication, we continually evolve our formulations so we are able to not only bill the insurance companies successfully but also provide your patients with a much needed beneficial medication.


    We frequently provide you with new formulations to keep up with ever changing insurance policies.


    We perform mock audits of your prescriptions and compounding records as a way to avoid complications with third parties while staying in compliance with state and federal laws. We also run selected Daily Log Reports of random prescriptions filled for the past 6-12 months.

    As a means to make certain that your pharmacy follows all regulations required by USP <795> under Compounding Records, we gather and review compounding records thoroughly for compliance.

    Once complete, we document any and all inaccuracy and quality control issues along with any adverse reactions or preparation problems reported by the patient or caregiver.

    Compounding Technique & Compliance

    We teach you how to properly make common dosage forms such as topical creams, capsules, solutions, and suspensions. This gives you the tools to create a custom-made, accurate and elegant compound product for your patient.

    We teach you basic calculations to create personalized formulations and ensure quality assurance for your final product. We discuss where to find pertinent information required for formulated mixtures.

    We perform Lab Set-up:

    • Equipment set-up
    • Equipment testing and maintenance
    • Preparing the environment as necessary to be fully functional, establishing a workflow in a positive manner
    • Position equipment, tools and supplies accordingly
    • Review the arrangement of chemicals (HazMats, etc.)


    In addition, we provide all required forms and logs in compliance with USP <795>.


    We understand that every patient is an individual with special health needs. Compounding medication is a practice that recognizes those needs.

    We are dedicated to providing you with knowledge and tools to serve the special needs of both your physicians and their patients. We can guide you with formulated medications for both humans and animals. Many Veterinarians need custom-made medication for their four-legged patients because conventional medication is often not in the right dosage form or strength for specific animals. We also specialize in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women and men.

    We’re able to compound drugs that can meet a variety of needs: to change flavors to suit individual tastes, to customize strengths,and to combine active ingredients into one easy formulation. By training your compounding pharmacy staff to make many formulations in the form most suitable to you,such as capsules, injectables, suppositories, solutions, oral suspensions , topical creams, and more, your pharmacy can achieve its full potential.

    PCAB Accreditation

    Contact us directly to find out how we can assist you in the PCAB accreditation process.

  • Your customers trust in the quality of your pharmacy.

    You need a partner to help maintain that quality.

    You can trust us to deliver.

  • The Compounding Concepts Team

    Melissa Alvillar, CPhT

    Chief Executive Officer


    Melissa Alvillar is a nationally certified PTCB and is also IV certified and accredited in Pain Management. She has further experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary Treatment, and Dermatology.


    Dedicated to the art of pharmacy compounding with over a decade of pharmaceutical experience, Melissa is always striving to learn the latest improvements in the methods and techniques of compounding in order to constantly improve on the level of service she is able to provide. She puts her abilities to use by working with clients to develop the knowledge and training necessary to improve their pharmaceutical practices.


    Aside from compounding, she is proficient in Retail Pharmacy and Long-Term Care, with many years of experience in multiple aspects relating to the business of running a pharmacy. In order to grow in her profession, Melissa has advanced her expertise by keeping current with the latest literature by respected professionals in the industry, joining multiple pharmacy groups, and networking with other experts by attending many continuing education events.

    As one of the versatile skills she offers, Melissa consults with physicians on hormone replacement therapy dosage and strengths based on a patient’s test results. She also has extensive knowledge in data entry, pricing, and bulk chemical sourcing along with managing workflow and overseeing other compounding technicians.

    Adam Trevillion, Pharm D

    Chief Operating Officer

    In today’s pharmaceutical world where attention to detail is becoming critically important, Adam Trevillion is a master at sharing his in-depth knowledge of pharmacy operations and optimum workflow procedures to help pharmacies operate at their maximum potential while adhering to state and federal regulations. By specializing in mock audits and mentoring pharmacy staff, Adam teaches pharmacies how to avoid complications with third parties while staying in compliance with state and federal laws.


    All pharmacy operations are carefully examined for potential complications, and recommendations are made to optimize performance. As an experienced professional in non-sterile compounding with over four years of experience in retail pharmacy, Adam has the expertise necessary to teach pharmacy personnel on how to add and bill medication through insurance properly while following the guidelines of the contracts. He also reviews insurance audits as a further procedure to ensure that the pharmacy is functioning properly and legally.

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